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Errata Sheet (pdf)
I greatly appreciate all hints on errata!
Useful links
Links to textbook ressources, public outrech pages, homepages of missions and instruments, aurora pages and data center.
List of useful links (pdf, 103kB)
The list is a pdf with "clickable" links.
Links to Pictures(Picture Galleries)
Links to pictures and picture galleries, includes also links to the pictures reproduced in the textbook.
Links to Movies
Since the Sun, interplanetary space and the magnetospheres all are highly variable phenomena, movies often explain more than still pictures. Here you find some interesting links, in particular to movies mentioned in the textbook.
The Book at Springer-Verlag
Link to the editors page of the book with complete table of content.

Exercises, Homework etc

Examples from 3rd ed.
The 3rd edition of Space Physics contains a couple of examples not contained in the earlier editions. These examples are given here.
Exercises from 3rd ed. (pdf, 127 kB)
The 3rd edition of Space Physics contains a couple of exercices, partly not contained in the earlier editions. A complete list can be found here.
Solutions to exercises
Not fully worked solutions but just the numbers.

Lecture Notes & Talks

Lecture notes (german)
A series of pdf files (one for each chapter of the book), presently in german only. A list of questions is also included.
Lecture notes (english)
A series of pdf files (one for each chapter of the book). Some files also include movies - these are available as animated files; the standard version is smaller and does not contain the movies.
Magnetic field reversals and particles (pdf, 2.4 MB)
This contains a presentation entitled "Energetic particle influences on the ozonosphere mediated by the geomagnetic field", intended for a non-specialized audience.
Solar energetic particles and ozone (pdf, 2.4 MB)
The influence of solar energetic particles on ozone: magnetic field reversals and solar activity.
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